Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Really? More snow?

It is Tuesday, February 9th, 2010. 8:49 PM. It is snowing... again! There may be as much as 12-14 inches dumped on us by this time tomorrow. This is, of course, on top of the 24-30 inches the region is still digging out of! This kind of weather is unheard of in DC. And that is evidenced by the response and the reactions. Just not prepared. Freakin' everybody out. My buddy Jeremy will no doubt laugh at this... understandably, too! Really, we got nothing on Durango... but still, this blows!

But you know what? It is beautiful.

Anyway, if you're in the DC area and have power and internet connection and are reading this... hang tough! Spring is still coming! 

(I think.)


  1. We were prepared and I'm enjoying the snow... ;-)

  2. Hey man.

    If only road crews and municipalities were as prepared as you! Heh-heh.

    Good times!

  3. Great shots. We imagined you'd be out and about finding the beauty in this beast of a storm. Mariel wants to adopt the robin.

    K & M

  4. Thanks! It's a great cure for cabin fever. Venturing forth.

    Crazy weather eh? How's Tal holding up?

  5. I hear you guys are breaking some records out there...pretty impressive snowfall for the East Coast....Drive safe, stay warm and enjoy the powder!

    If Al Gore is right, these large, irregular storm patterns are a side effect to the global warming trends...just some food for thought.

    Cheers, Jeremy

  6. Hey Jer,

    Exactly right. Unfortunately many people get too hung up on the misnomer "global warming." Making them think the planet is going to turn into a scorching desert. "If global warming is real, then why is it snowing in...?" etc. The more accurate term is Global Climate Destabilization. Which is caused, of course, by the rise in the overall average of temps worldwide.

    I have no idea if this current set of storms is a direct result of the warming of the planet, but events like this is exactly what one would expect to occur. This may only be a weird climatic anomaly. But it may not be.