Monday, November 9, 2009

FotoWeek DC 2009

Big photography festival all week folks. All over town. Go check it out!

At a gallery called the Fight Club in NW, near the Convention Center, I attended a gallery showing of David Alan Harvey's work from his Spanish diaspora series. He also featured work by three other photographers... Chris Bickford, Michael Loyd Young and A.J. Wilhelm. Impressive work all.

I asked David to pose with this iconic image. It is one of the first photographs of his I can remember seeing and thinking, Man, that's a great shot. I'd like to do that! I started to think about who the artist was. What was he thinking? How did he achieve this or that? What were some of the other things he did? I was fifteen at the time, I think, and from then on I made a point of going through the National Geographic contents page looking for photographers' names, irregardless of the story.

And today? Well, here's a link-->(click here) to a web page I created of the other evening. Enjoy.

Thanks David. Good time.


  1. MK,

    Some very nice pics here!

    Very cool times we are in eh! Wish I could have been there!!

    Cheers, J

  2. Thanks dude. Cool times indeed! Come out next year... or for the Charlottesville gig. Better yet, let's crash the 2010 Fall Summit workshop! Heh-heh.