Saturday, August 22, 2009


OK... I think I'm done for. Picked up an iPhone recently, downloaded a couple "apps," and now there's no turning back! I'm hooked. I've been assimilated to the hive. (Can an iMac be far behind?) Not proud, but weirdly, not ashamed!

One of the first pics shot, a little vignetting added (thanks to "Camera Bag" app). Much to explore. I'm thinking an entire essay using just this tiny 3 megapixel camera. Could be fun. Will keep you posted.



  1. MK,

    Awesome! I just finished a road trip last night n the company of an old friend, who brought along an iPhone, I was able to check my funds before purchasing some extra provisions (Coronas) in the mountains of Colorado! as for an iMac- you will never look back brother! next to your Nikon System, it is the photographers tool!

    I dig you fishing shot on "Photo Friday".

    I will try and catch up, perhaps post something to Dave from last weeks epic Lake Powell/Utah adventure!

    Cheers, Jer

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of the PDA. It is addicting.

  3. LOL This is really funny and I'm not exactly sure why... :)

    Two issues with the iPhone... AT&T only...
    and Poor MS Exchange implementation.

    Other than that its the best over all device on the market today...

    Now are you going to start converting all you music to MP3? ;-)

    BTW I understand there are some pretty cool photo apps as well such as DoF calculators and other such things.

  4. Jeremy... Thanks. I can't wait to see your Utah stuff! Definitely submit it.

    Les... Yep, it's 2009 and I finally buy my first cell phone! Heh. (Last two were worked provided.) I figure, why not go all out.

    Rob... Yes the ATT bit kinda blows. Ironically, at my house, when I have 3G switched on I get no signal... none! Switch it off and voila! Reception's great! I learned this is a common issue from a web search.

    But, like you said, everything else is pretty groovy. And yes, some pretty cool photo apps, including the one you mentioned, are out there!

    Peace, all.

  5. you poor sucker - welcome to the fold :-)