Saturday, August 1, 2009

European House Sparrow (juvenile)

So I walked out the door this morning to get something from the car. I noticed--nearly stepped on!--a young house sparrow sitting on the porch. I'm like, Hellooo... whattaya doin' there? He/she just sat there looking up at me chirping away. Alright then, I thought. Slowly back into the house, grab the camera and head back out. He's gone. No wait, there he is in the tree. Well he let me get close before let's try again. Slow approach, take a shot, move closer, take a shot, pop up the flash, take a shot, damn! it's on manual (1/128 power), quickly dig into the menu system and change to TTL, take another shot, keeps closing his eyes, take another. There, that'll do!

Alright little buddy, you've been very patient. I'll leave you be. Look tired. Thanks for the photo op.


And just so you know, that's a 35mm lens on the camera. I really wasn't more than 6 inches from the bird. They're very trusting at this early age. Hope I didn't imprint him. Next time I go outside he''ll think I'm his momma! Heh.

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