Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keep on Chooglin'!

Well, well... a first for me. The little hunk-o-junk that gets me too and fro just broke 200,000! Yes, it's dented and it's dirty and it sometimes smells, but man does it run. Cold weather mornings, hot humid afternoons... doesn't matter. It cranks over each and every time. I still get at least 430 miles on each tank of gas. Often 450 or more and even have hit 500 miles a few times! The car simply rocks.

It has been giving me signs lately, though. Dropping hints that it can see the finish line. There are occasional noises I'm unable to identify. They come and go and return a few days (hours!) later. There is the occasional hesitation or sort of deep breath it takes when idling at a stop light. But it always seems able to shake it off and push on like the groovy little workhorse it is.

I'll continue to drive it for now. Haven't really looked into anything new. Not even sure what's out there. (it's been over 10 years!) Maybe I'll aim for 225,000.... then 250,000! Then... !

Who knows? For now all is well and good.

Road trip!


  1. Excellent!!! You better spin around 3 times an throw some salt over you shoulder to ward off that bad Ju-Ju caused by making a big deal over the millage. ;-)

  2. I've got a call in to one of my favorite witch doctors as we speak!

  3. Whatever happens or whatever you will never run like your baby does now!

  4. Very true. Or it'll take at least another ten years or so to get close!