Monday, April 13, 2009


Every now and again, when I go out to shoot, I try to give myself a little challenge. I may decide on only one lens--a 20mm f2.8 for instance. Must shoot with that, nothing else. I may decide to shoot with no flash at all in a very low-lit venue. I may try to shoot with a flash in manual mode only... no TTL.

This morning I decided to shoot only verticals. Whether it was a scenic or still life or action... vertical only. Here a few from that challenge.

Now, the only thing even remotely interesting about this next shot is that it is a Bald Eagle. (Hard to tell, I know, but I swear it is!) I keep forgetting that Conn Island, just north of Great Falls has a nesting pair or two up there. Will endeavor to return with a somewhat more impressive capture in the coming weeks!




  1. I'm ready when you are!!! The 1D has to go in for service but that can wait. Just call.

    The images are pretty cool.

    I'm hoping to get a couple from this weekend up later tonight.

  2. MK,

    The first and the third are my favorite, hawk & helicopter...

    I like the idea of achieving growth by limitation - it's a great practice!

    When I travel, I am a minimalist, therefore my favorite of these would be the "challenge" of no flash, fixed lens- less camera, less weight, less to charge, and fewer variables!

    Good talking the other day & keep up the good work Amigo!

  3. Thanks for the reminder to turn the camera 90 degrees. Very frustrating when selecting pictures to hang on the wall only to find every single one is horizontal. Makes photo collage a real challenge.

  4. Hey Leslie,

    Yep... we pretty much see the world horizontally, don't we? The fact that cameras are designed to be held in the horizontal position (unless you have a nifty-cool camera like Rob's!) doesn't help matters either.

    It's a chore even for me.