Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainy Days.

What do you do when you wake to find a cold rainy day on vacation? Aquarium.


  1. I think the only time I've ever been to an aquarium is when its been raining.

    Interesting photos.


  2. Nice light on that second shot, I think the pattern on the floor is really what draws me in! Nice.

    This is the third set of "aquarium" photos to cross my path in the last few weeks, it seems to be an interesting subject, w/ unusual light and unlimited possibilities!

    When I was young we toured an aquarium in New Zealand that was a series of subway tunnels that had been renovated into a first class aquarium, would love to return and document the "sense" of being enveloped by the sea!

    Talk soon,

    Cheers, Jeremy

  3. MK,

    I almost forgot, I popped into the Open Shutter Gallery yesterday and was unexpectedly drawn into conversation with this gentleman!

    He has had a rich life, and certainly has a lot of knowledge to share with with anyone of similar passion!

    Cheers, Jeremy

  4. Thanks gentlemen.


    I will check out that link. And that New Zealand Aquarium sounds killer!