Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rob's the Man!

Needed a little help updating the website and my boy came through! All I wanted was some rotating imagery on the home page but he also made a little adjustment to the design... the idea to which--I must confess--I was initially cool. But after a couple moments review it was clear it was better than what I originally had, and well... go have a look: Quite happy with it. (At least I'm sure I will be for a couple months, then I'll tire of it again and need another change!)

But til then, thanks Rob.



  1. Not a problem there dude, I enjoyed it. It was a good diversion from an otherwise crappy couple of days. ;-)

    Glad to hear others like it too.


  2. Site looks good, and slide show/image rotation works great, ....what better way to showcase your absolute best!

    Keep me posted on updates.

    I myself am still working on BIO text revisions. The high resolution photos are finalized & your portrait looks sharp!

    Thanks again.

    Cheers, Jeremy