Monday, December 22, 2008

Neis Gadol Hayah Sham.

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel...

In 168 B.C.E. a group of religious freedom fighters took on the Greco-Syrian Empire's army in Israel and though being small in number fought valiantly and defeated the larger army. The group was know as the Maccabees. Judah the Hammer being their lead warrior.

After retaking Jerusalem they wanted to rededicate the Temple. Holy oil was needed to light the Temple's great menorah. Only a small cruse of oil was found. Not enough to last the eight days it would take. Nevertheless, according to legend, this small amount did indeed last. Hence the lighting of candles today for eight nights.

What this has to do with a nice little wooden top called a dreidel... I'll never know. But hey, I was never too hip to the whole chocolate bunny with painted chicken eggs representing some dude's crucifixion deal, either! Ah well.

Happy Chanukah!


  1. The Dreidel? Why it’s so the kiddies can gamble away their Hanukkah gelt of course. ;-)

    Now for the Easter bunny -- most Christian celebrations contain symbols of diverse pre-Christian cultural celebrations (sometimes to mask or hide what was really being celebrated). One of those non-religious celebrations morphed into what we now traditionally call Easter. Bunnies are a sign of fertility; Eastertide occurred at a time of spring festivals which celebrated new birth which went well with the idea of Jesus' ascension into heaven signifying the rebirth of humanity. A stretch? Well maybe, but at least some connection. Oh and you may know this, the Easter Bunny is a German thing. You know how crazy those Germans can be…

    By the way, have you ever asked
    yourself why we celebrate Christmas on Dec 25?


  2. *thud*

    The sound of my jokes going over like a lead baloon. ;^}

  3. Thud of yours or mine? Hmmmm.

    Yes Mike I realize you were joking. Hence my 'kiddies’ gambling' comment and the 'those crazy Germans’ comment. Note, the winkey thing. ;-)

    With a big smile on his face,

    BTW did you see that River road is indeed a river today? Some good photo opps I'll bet. Alas I have work things to wrap up before the holidays. :-/

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