Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Praising Arizona

From Meteor Crater to Oak Creek Canyon to an old mining town called Jerome. From the silly bit of woo that is Chakras and Vortexes to the reality of Bison tenderloin and deep, dark brown ales. From exhausting three mile desert hikes to taking a physical and mental pause creek-side with a good book. The week was left unwasted.


Hikers along the rim of  a 50,000 year old meteor crater.

"Where the hell is Deadman Pass?"

Rush hour in Sedona.

A hearty soul pedals by.

From airport plateau, looking north.

Exploring Tlaquepaque. (Yeah, go ahead... try to say that three times fast!)

Being stalked by a lovely woman with her D40.

A restaurant in Jerome with much character and epic eats.

Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale. A must.

Catching the setting sun.

Dusk falls in red rock country.


  1. I'm tired of seeing your stuff... Where's Rachel’s? ;-)

    Great stuff as usual. I haven't even had time to look at my Williamsburg stuff but I already know they aren't as good as yours.

    Congrats, BTW, on the election… ;-) Even though I disagree with his politics, I’ve got my fingers crossed real tight that he does a good job. And I’m very serious about that.


  2. "And I’m very serious about that."

    I know that is true. I too have my fingers crossed.

    As somebody said long ago, "Every presidential cnadidate is ultimately a 'blind date'." You can't know how things are going to be until they get up and going.

    Thanks for the nice words about the photos. Rachel's got some good shit, I'll tell ya. Maybe it's time for her to start her own damn blog! Heh.

    Now let's get those Williamsburg shots up!

  3. Um, I don't think you would like that because it would be about 99% pics of you. Okay, with a few scenics thrown in.

  4. Mike, are you sure you guys weren't in Spain or on Mars? Amazing light in these!

    And let me second what Rob said. Where's Rachel's shots? We want proof you were there, too!


  5. Ramblin',

    Yes, in certain places it does indeed have the look of some extra-terrestrial planet. In fact, NASA had many training sessions at Meteor Crater for astronauts in preparation for the moon landings.

    And proof I was there? I'll send an link in an email soon!

    Hope you're feeling well.