Friday, October 31, 2008

On The Road.

I read Kerouac's seminal book in my late teens. It had its effect. Free flowing, free-form prose about his travels across the United States. Driving, walking, riding the rails, sometimes hitchhiking his way through a nation full of hope, dreams, sex, dope, poetry, jazz, craziness. I myself made that trip to the Pacific and back again to the Atlantic a number of times after that. A little bit of doe, a medium-sized backpack, a handful of underwear and a camera was all I required.

Famed National Geographic photographer, Chris Johns has been quoted as saying, "Photography is one of the greatest pleasures of travel, and travel is one of the greatest pleasures of life." Somehow, somewhere along the way I was consumed with that spirit. It has not lessened a bit these last twenty-five years or so.

Tomorrow my beloved and I head out for--actually, return to--a place of genuine grandeur. Uniquely explore-able and eminently photographable. The great southwest!

This shot is from a long ago trip to Arizona. Those are the Vermillion Cliffs along route 89 headed towards the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Among your life list of things to do before you die... this should be one of them!

We'll be in a different but no less impressive part of that fine state this time around. Everyone stay well while we're away. Oh, and unlike Paris, I won't be live blogging from there. Pics when we return!



  1. MK,

    Let me know if your in the neighborhood!

    Cheers, Jeremy

  2. Would you believe I drove X-C and actually pulled off the road to get a picture of the vermillion cliffs? (with my little point&shoot camera)-- it still hangs on my wall.

    Have a great trip, be safe! Go see Zion if you can!

  3. Jal,

    Back on the east coast. We do intend a trip to Bryce, Zion and that area in the future. We never made it past Flagstaff this time around. Mostly remained in beautiful red rock country near Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Highly recommend!


    BTW, where are you flyin' these days?