Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn Part 1

With the coming of Autumn the days get shorter and the sun hangs low in the sky for longer periods, casting long shadows and bathing any and all subjects in warm light. These short days will also precipitate the color change in leaves. Photosynthesis becomes more and more difficult when there is less and less sunlight to work with. Chlorophyl slowly disappears from the leaves and they in turn change. All this really means is there will soon be potential for beautiful photographs. (and not just scenics!)

I went out the other day for a sort of pre-fall recon down at our local park. As you can see in these three images it is still early in these mid-Atlantic latitudes for good color. Northern regions like Maine and Vermont are already sporting brilliant forests of red, yellow and orange. In the coming weeks our maples, oaks and beeches will do the same. Can't wait!

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