Thursday, September 4, 2008

Be Prepared.

The sun is setting fast and the sky is looking good. I've got a wide angle lens and I've crouched down so as to highlight the clouds. The flash unit is in my left hand, held out and up. I've dropped the exposure by about a stop (I'm guessing here!) and flash exposure is preset in manual mode and likely is at 1/16th power, which usually works at this distance.

Knowing your settings and distance beforehand makes it much easier to capture shots like this.

Also, in the background you can just make out the young man on the lifeguard's chair I shot earlier. (You can scroll down to the "Quality of Light" post to see it.)


  1. Hey when you get a chance write down all those settings and conditions you have locked up in your head so I too can "be prepared" too. ;-)

  2. I have noticed in recent pictures, you have used one of the most handsome godson an Aunt could ask for!

  3. Ah... good one!

    At ASA 100 and f5.6 at about 3 feet or so from the subject... 1/16th power will usually be a good starting point. Quick check of the LCD and then adjust from there.

  4. Aunt Teresa! Hey you!

    He is a good lookin' kid isn't he? Definitely the Borowski in him. Heh!

    He's also good because he really doesn't mind my badgering him. They're actually all good in that respect. I'm very lucky.