Thursday, August 28, 2008


On a recent outing down at the river, my kayaking subjects brought an extra boat for me. This was unexpected, but appreciated. It allowed me to get new and interesting perspectives. I was able to shoot from the kayak, water level and from the opposite shoreline of my normal vantage point.

As I was loading up the boat, preparing to shove off, one of the guys told me it'd be better if I removed my shoes.  Wading into the river even a little ways usually sinks your feet several inches into the muck.  Water shoes or sandals like Tevas will fare just fine, but normal hiking boots really absorb the mud and accompanying smell! Not easily cleaned. I took his advice and left my shoes and sock there on the river bank.

We paddled up river and headed for their play-boating spot of choice. I took it slow, taking advantage of the boat, shooting much along the way. A small, rocky island sits here in the middle of the river.  From up there I thought there'd be choice images.  I paddled to other side of it and got out. Oh yeah... shoes! River bank. Ugh. Well, not going back. So with at least thirty extra pounds of camera equipment on my back I barefooted it over the pebbles, rocks and sharp edged boulders (and not a few prickly plants!) to attain my new vantage points. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!

Thankfully, there were plenty of photo ops along the way. I am submitting many for the article I've been working on for National Parks magazine (Winter issue.), so I must refrain from posting them. But this one I shot for myself. Unique in its perspective, it gives the sense of real wildness. A lone kayaker in the middle of nowhere... yet, in actuality, just outside of a major American city.

Love this place!


  1. MK,

    I like that shot a lot!

    Is it standard practice that magazines/editors would frown on a photographer "showing" or "publishing" their work/project prior to a publication releasing the story? I understand there may be no clear answer to this... just curious..

    Is your DRR archive still showing a spike in activity since the Photographer=Hero post?

  2. Thanks, dude!

    Yes it is indeed frowned upon. As I mentioned, though, this one I did not submit. It is for me, has nothing to do with the story.

    Haven't checked DRR lately. Will let you know, though.