Monday, June 16, 2008

Look3. 2008. Charlottesville, VA.

"Three days of peace, love and photography." That's Look3. The Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, VA. That's where we were this past weekend. A beautiful town... great restaurants, good wine; warm, wonderful people and amazing (and some not-so-amazing) photography. Ran into some good friends and some random blogging acquaintances and shared stories and ideas and even talked the occasional technical crap. Rachel was very patient!

But enough about all that. Let's hear about the weekend! Alright.

The first day was pretty much getting acquainted with the surroundings. Where are all the galleries? (everywhere!) Where do we sign in? What are some good places to eat? Hey is that William Albert Allard? (yes it is!) Anyway, each night there was a big presentation of work and interview at the Paramount Theatre. First night was Mary Ellen Mark. Second night was Joel-Peter Witkin. Third, James Nachtwey. Liked the first. Loved the third...tolerated the second. I might blog on all that at a later date, but for now, let's get to the good stuff!

OK then, through various past circumstances and meetings and occasional blogging, I've had the great pleasure and privilege to meet and be mentored by David Alan Harvey. The man is, as they say, a force of nature. His energy knows no bounds! He will invite you to his home, tell you to send him your latest work for critique, run and/or take part in several workshops and all the while keep pace with the craziness that comes with being a photographer for Magnum and National Geographic.

Well, Charlottesville is a small place, especially the old town area, and sure enough we run into Dave and are invited to the house he's staying at for an after-show party and well...yeah! Some things will have to remain private, but suffice it to say a killer time was had by all! Here are a few photos from that night and the weekend in general.

David Alan Harvey, shooting like mad!

David and Cristina

Sean Gallagher (left), some random dude (right).

William Albert Allard.

Alex Chadwick of NPR interviews Mary Ellen Mark.

David introducing The EPF Essays.

Rachel's Jack on the rocks!

Rachel with tea bag.

Rachel listening to my pal Panos Skoulidas.



  1. Yes! Next year.... Sounds almost as good as Jackson..but without the workload! Your pictures are Epic..very well done my friend. I think to pull out the camera among so many other shooters is a difficult thing indeed. and to capture the big hitters themselves is also impressive. The energy of Harvey is captured in the first! and the portrait of Allard seems to convey something opposite to me..almost a quite peace..having meet both of these gentlemen I know they each share the quite moments and the energy equally! Well done Kircher. - JWS

  2. Way too kind Jeremy. Thanks brother.

    Next year with both Rachels!

  3. Buddy your pictures and atmosphere look amazing.
    VA Loan.

  4. That's very kind of you. Appreciate it.