Friday, June 6, 2008

Jeremy Wade Shockley

This is Jeremy. I met him a couple years ago at a workshop in Jackson, Wyoming. His photo-essay of the Meade Ranch was well received by all. And I'm talking people like David Alan Harvey, Jodi Cobb, William Albert Allard, and James Hill. His work is sensitive, thoughtful and moving. Everyone out there quickly learned he was a great talent.

He visited the east coast recently and we had a chance to hang out and shoot. It was great to hear his thoughts about photographing people. I learned a lot. You can check out some of his work... right here.

As a thank you for sharing some of his insights, I took him out to the Falls--in a driving rain storm with crashing thunder and cloud-to-ground lightning no less! But hey, that's just the kind of guy I am! Luckily, it blew through fairly quickly and we were able to get out to the overlook for some shots.

I chose to focus mainly on the man. (We don't often get to show up in front of the camera) In the first image I just threw a little fill light on him, 1/2 CTO gel and a slightly underexposed background. In photo #2, I lifted the camera above my head and tripped off three or four shots, hoping for the best. I like how his hat stands out against the whitewater below. Last shot was at the house. Simple window light... nothing better than that.

Anyway, it was a great visit. Thanks Jeremy. Catch you next time in Durango!


  1. Great stuff... The next time you want to go out in near tornado weather to snap a few shots you know whot to call. I'm up for about anything. ;-)

  2. Will do! Actually, I might give you a ring this week!

  3. MK,

    Absolute pleasure! The Rain, The Beers, the Conversations. I like what you wrote...& your photos tell the rest! I will post you some from my end ASAP..perhaps today!

    And yes...Durango soonest!

    I look forward to having another opportunity to share your thoughts on Photography & Life, and how the two weave together so beautifully! This is Photojournalism...the weaving of the Two! ... and the experience of that is what we gain and ultimately share!

    On that note.... Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again for everything! - JWS

  4. You bet J!

    Looking forward to it.

  5. Jeremy has shared your work with me and I am sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you! The last pic is my favorite! Nice work and great use of light.


  6. Well hi Rachel! Thanks.

    Yes indeed, sorry we missed each other. We had a few tense moments in the pub that evening you were traveling! Glad it all (mostly!) worked out.

    Hope to see you in Colorado someday soon.