Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wildlife Series. #5

Common Loon
Gavia immer

Loon call...click here.

Admittedly, this is not the most compelling image. It's just that we don't often get to see a loon here in Maryland. Canada, Maine, Greenland...yes. DC, MD and VA? Not so much. Anyway, if nothing else, it has a call that is a little less gnarly than the last few I've put up!


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  1. Heya MK,
    Actually, there's a couple of common loons that apparently live down at the end of the street from my house.
    Unlike your shot though, "my" loons tend to ride lower in the water, with just their head sticking up..( if I blur the shots, I can maybe pass them off as "CHESSIE"...LOL...
    I think we're within their normal wintering range, at least according to the bird book I picked up down here at the museum...odd fact: they don't use their distinctive call during the winter, only during the summer months...J