Monday, April 14, 2008


A fellow named Mark Morford once wrote about Macintosh packaging...yes, packaging...the following:

"Could this be, in short, something that actually adds a modicum of refined grace and simplicity and aesthetic warmth to the world, instead of sucking it away like so many disposable DVD players and garish LED-spasming boom boxes and 10-gallon drums of spaghetti sauce from Costco?"

The answer, quite clearly, is yes! Though, in this case I'm talking about France. Paris in particular. Great care seems to have been taken in presentation. Little touches here and there remind you you are in a special place. You can walk miles every day, wear yourself down, blisters on your feet and everywhere you turn there is beauty and refined grace. Even the benches, numbering in the thousands, are graceful and inviting! This city was created by humanists for humans.

There will be many return trips to this enlightened country. City of Light indeed.

Here are few last images. They are from the northeast regions of Brittany and Normandie.

Merci beaucoup, belles pays!


  1. Just a simple.......WOW!

  2. Incredible Mike. The entire set. I'm very jealous... No not of your trip to France but the simple fact that I have a long long way to go. ;-)

    Great work. I expect to see several of these on your walls the next time I come by and I suggest you talk to a few family members and friends; they may be interested in a few prints as well.

  3. Teresa and Rob,

    Thanks very much. Means a lot! Can't wait to catch up a little more in the near future.


  4. Incredible pictures. I'd love to hear more about your trip when you get back. Have you learned any French while you've been there?


  5. Hi Leslie. Thanks!

    And I have just enough French to get by...that is, I can order wine and ask where the bathrooms are. Good to go!