Thursday, March 20, 2008

Workin' for a Livin'

St Alban's over at the National Cathedral is getting a new addition. Here some of the guys take a break, grab a bite at the Roachcoach. No extra charge for the Salmonella!


  1. You know there are times when I actually miss the food off those roach coaches. You should start posting more detail about you photos. Time of day, lens, filters, flash, etc…

    Great shot...

  2. Thanks dude.

    For the record:

    *Nikon D200
    *Nikkor 12-24mm @ 12mm
    *no filters
    *no flash
    *"hi-contrast" in-camera custom curve
    *WB: 10,000 K
    *aperture priority with a -0.7 EV dialed in
    *which made it 1/1500 sec @ f8
    *ISO 200
    *10:58 am

    I was kneeling down and not even looking through the viewfinder. Just held the camera at about ground level, tilted it up a bit and shot off a few. Checked the LCD screen and shot off a few more. I like the shadows from the fence pointing in toward the men.

  3. Very cool. The high contrast mimics the use of a polarizer and cranking the WB way up makes it look like an early morning shot; I like that. Things to remember. ;-)