Sunday, February 17, 2008


Don't forget to take advantage of weather. Pay attention to the forecasts. Is there a chance of fog in the morning? Get up early and and shoot like crazy! Big storm acomin'? Find a vantage point that will really accentuate the ominous clouds rolling in.

When you go on vacation check the weather beforehand. Don't simply shoot on beautiful, perfect sunny days. Crappy weather can produce wonderfully dramatic images.

Be prepared for anything and take advantage of the unexpected. For the photo above, I was in a new place, didn't know what the weather would be, no idea what to expect, but got up early anyway. Glad I did!

A little atmosphere goes a long way.


  1. what a great picture Mike!
    Truly an artist

  2. Thanks Jal. You are too kind.

    Will be talking with Greg at Skycom this weekend. Thanks for that contact!