Thursday, January 24, 2008

Velvia 100 and a light table.

Shot some film the other day.! Slides. Chromes, if you will.

I have to say, I sometimes really do miss film. There's nothing like that tactile reality. A sensation that's painfully absent from digital. Throwing a roll of 36 slides onto a light table and watching them come to life. Slowly scanning each one with that 8X loup. The colors! The sharpness! (if you have a steady hand and a good lens!)...there's nothing like it.

But time (and technology) moves on. Digital has done wonders for my photography. No denying it. And if it weren't for my digital camera (Nikon D200, thank you very much!) it'd be next to impossible to maintain a web presence without going completely broke!

So, no real complaints...just a mild lament. There's no going back. I will, however, continue to on occasion pull out the old Nikon F3 or F100 and have myself a blast shooting away without the crutch of looking at the LCD on the back of the camera (I actually still do that with the film cameras, but nothing's there!). Oh and did I mention that killer sound of the mechanical whirr of the motordrive. Ah...what a joy!

Yep, I really do miss it.


  1. D200? Think about what you could do with a 1D Mark III!!! ;-)

  2. BTW: Even though it's been years, I miss B&W film and making my own prints... That was fun!!!

  3. I still have a Durst M-600 enlarger in the basement my old man gave me probably...hmmm...20 years ago! Good god I'm old!

    Anyway, yep...great fun in the darkroom! There's a racey joke in there somewhere, I'm sure...heh-heh.