Monday, December 17, 2007


In 'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors' Carl Sagan describes a tremendous event: "An immense mass of gas and dust is swiftly collapsing under its own weight, spinning ever faster, transforming itself from a turbulent, chaotic cloud into what seems to be a distinct, orderly thin disk. Its exact center smolders a dull, cherry red. Watch from on high, above the disk, for a hundred million years and you will see the central mass grow whiter and more brilliant, until, after a couple abortive and incomplete attempts, it bursts into radiance, a sustained thermonuclear fire. The Sun is born." And roughly 5 billion years later this "sustained thermonuclear fire" shines in through my venetian blinded window and allows me to make a funky photograph!


  1. this is the coolest picture! looks like your house is about a mile long and 6 inches wide! i have to ask, what is the silhouette in your window? can't be you, and it looks like rachel may be standing at the kitchen?

  2. Hi Rox!

    Yep, that shadow is me. I looked through the view finder, composed the shot, then just lowered the camera til it was about chest high and clicked away.

    It's the very wide angle lens that gives that tunnel effect.