Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Making the best of the situation.

OK... here's our "studio."
Ugh! A bit of a challenge, yes? Can we make a decent portrait in this setting?
Let's see...

I think we can!

Exactly how we did it is something I will discuss in a future post. For now, take heart knowing that a dull setting doesn't necessarily translate into a dull photograph.


  1. Not cool dude. You can't just leave us hanging until you get around to spilling the beans on how you did it.


  2. Mike, photography lessons I'm afraid are wasted on me. I'm one of those (oh my god) point and shoot people. And you know who criticizes my end results? I'm sure to keep checking in, however, so keep it up.


  3. Aunt Jeanmarie,

    I do plan on offering up plenty of stuff (eventually) that even you "point and shooters" could get something from. For what it's worth...;^}

    Thanks for popping in!


    I think you'll like to play with what I did. Of course, I bet you could figure most of it out just by looking closely at the 1st pic!

    Promise update tomorrow sometime.