Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Chanukah!

More fun with existing light. Last night of Chanukah. All eight candles lit. Wait! some of you might say, there's actually nine! Why yes, you are correct! That candle in the middle would be the shammas. This is the "servant" candle. This is the candle that lights all the other candles. (See, I learned a little something after 12 years!) OK, digression over. Nine flaming candles make for pretty photos. Add a reflection from the window and an incandescent light or two behind you and a few Chanukah props on the table and soon you've got a nice warm holiday photograph. No special photography tricks on this one. I composed the shot, moved the items on table around til the photo felt "balanced," then let the camera's meter do the heavy lifting and just shot away. Ten frames at least! I liked this the best. Enjoy the holidays people! Shalom.


  1. Ok now, can you set me straight on something? Is that a Menorah or a Holiday Candelabra?

    Sorry I couldn't resist. ;-)

    Great shot.

  2. Thanks dude. Not sure I get it, though.

  3. Sorry, it's my dry since of humor I think referencing the fact that we seem to have to call Christmas Trees holiday trees anymore.